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improve the time picker

Please add a comment how this time picker should look like if you vote for this idea.

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    Admincalengoo (Softwaredeveloper, CalenGoo for Android) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

    In version 1.0.78 (which has been released a few minutes ago) a first, experimental version of a new time picker has been added as an option. You can turn it on under “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “General”, “Use improved time picker”. It offers three choices: “Plus/minus” (the standard time picker), “Numberpad” (a number pad) and “List” (there you just have to tap twice to choose a complete time). Because it is “experimental” it hasn’t been announced in the update description. Instead it is announced here to get some feedback if it is good this way or what should be changed. One thing that is missing are buttons +/-5 minutes which have been suggested here. But maybe the number pad or the list are better choices anyway, so that the +/- 5 minutes buttons are not necessary. Please try the new time picker and write a comment here if it is good this way or what should be changed. If you have any problems with the new time picker, you can just turn it off again and continue to use the standard time picker.


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      • Gary Slebodnick commented  · 

        I love the options that you have provided for users to choose. I personally have found the list time picker to be the easiest, but I can see how people would prefer different options. I really like how you have developed these options. Thanks for your responsiveness and openness to user input.

      • Yonir commented  · 

        I would add a combined plus/minus and numberpad time picker:
        For many/most devices the screen is big enough for place to combine them conveniently.
        This way when entering a new time for an event you can use the numberpad, but when editing a time you can just use the plus/minus to easily adjust it by an hour for example - without having to change the "time picker tab".

      • ChH commented  · 

        I prefer tapping what you want to change and having a 0-9 keypad. Maybe have the default start point be 00.00. Where the "cursor's"default start point is the 0 on the far left. To change the time you should able to press the second 0 from the left. This would add a time faster.d

      • Mark commented  · 

        A little counter-flow here. Very much pleased with the time picker in version 1.0.87 and really not too sure it can get any better. Takes no time at all to set due and start times now. Thank you very much for this.

      • Flash commented  · 

        Anyway, the system should be simple, fast and easy to use. The main problem now is that we cannot see the number running when pushing on the "+" button.
        Generally, this problem is solved in adding a display of the running number above the main display.
        Another solution could be to put the "+" and "-" buttons on the side of the number to change rather than over and under.

      • Ron Chusid commented  · 

        I would like options of 30 or 60 minutes along with ability to tap on either to increase to more than one of these times. Perhaps give option for other time intervals for others who often use other intervals.

      • Admincalengoo (Softwaredeveloper, CalenGoo for Android) commented  · 

        In version 1.0.80 (which has been released a few minutes ago) a few additional configuration options regarding the "list" picker have been added. Additionally the order of the hours and minutes can now be changed (vertically or horizontally) and by default it is another order as in the previous version. So if you used the time picker before and you want to change the order back, you can find these options under "Settings", "Display and Use", "General", "Use improved time picker".
        The mentioned problems on small screens are still there in version 1.0.80 but they will be fixed soon.

      • Andreas Nolda commented  · 

        In "List" mode in 240 x 320 resolution, the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons are outside the popup and cannot be reached.

      • JP commented  · 

        Very good! It will save time. I've just tried it and i'm very pleased. Thanks.
        But, even then, let me suggest a few ideas, beggining with the most useful, at least for me:
        1. The "Duration" should have also the "improved time picker".
        2. To speed up the process of choosing the month on the date picker, you can put twelve buttons, one for each month, instead of the left/right arrows.
        3. To allow precision to the minute on the "List mode", each time you repeat the push of a minute button it will increase one minute to the time to the maximum of 4 minutes (e.g.: Pressing several times the button "5" minutes, it will change the minutes like this: 5>6>7>8>9>5>6>...). Alternatively, you can put two buttons ("+" and "-") on the right side of the time.

      • fraggy commented  · 

        On the list is too big on a 320 screen reolution, the ok cancel Buttons are halfway out of the Display.

        I would like to have Plus minus Buttons, they are nice if you want to move a date.

        Other then that the number pad is my choice of entry

      • jlwhitton commented  · 

        Thanks for doing this! I like the numberpad, no comments there. However, I'd prefer to use the list, and I do have a few comments for this. (i) most people intuitively read left to right, so it might be good to orient the numbers left to right rather than up & down (if space is a problem, you could remove the "AM" & "PM" labels and add small letters "a" and "p" to the actual number buttons, eg 2p, 3p, etc.); (ii) add the possibility to choose time that is accurate to single minutes, as you can do with the numberpad (add 4 buttons, numbered 1 to 4; tapping 15 then 2 would enter 17 minutes); (iii) maybe allow a long-press of an hour button to signify "OK" (so if I wanted to enter a time of 3pm, I'd just tap & hold on that one button). Great work!

      • wko commented  · 

        Thank you very much, this is even better than +/-5min buttons! The number pad as well as the list are exactly what I've been looking for! Perfect job!

      • Oliver Kötter commented  · 

        Looks very nice.
        But still the default time picker for appointment length? That's OK for whole numbers/hours, but what if an appointment lasts 1:30?

      • Palle Hansen commented  · 

        This is a perfect solution - and you can choose what fits your own preference - Thanks a lot

      • BTJ commented  · 

        Yes,finally.... :-D
        Numberpad or List is the one I am going to use, probably List... No need to change anything for me, works just the way I want now... Thx! :-D


      • wko commented  · 

        For me the most important feature of the time picker is a selectable time interval in the settings or in the picker itself of 5 or 15 minutes.
        This would highly improve the setting of dates...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I like the business calendar time picker.

      • Beat commented  · 

        When you use the + and - buttons for the minutes field, minutes should increase or decrease by 5 or 10 minutes on each click. (Today this is only one minute which makes it cumbersome to adjust the proper time.)

      • 泠杉 李 commented  · 

        Please make it able to use keypad. Jorte or business calendar style would be good. It's the reason I requested a refund the first time I installed it.

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