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Add attachments to tasks and events

files, pictures, video, audio, voice recording, expenses. To seperate field or to notes field. This would be useful when at work or play to be able to record or have access to various media directly from the calendar.

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    tastethat shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

    Hi! The current version 1.0.122 supports local attachments for events, i.e. a link to a local file can be saved into the event’s description. These attachments are displayed in the detail view and the edit view of the event. Additionally when sending then event as an email, the attachments can be attached to that email. Please see here for further details: http://android.calengoo.com/pagedoc/pageedit/styled/pageattachments.html
    For future versions it is planned to support further file types and to be able to sync the attachments between devices e.g. by using Google Drive files and links.


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      • Gina commented  · 

        Add additional option to attach pic or file where the option to add note is.

        Please, Thank you.

      • Mikael commented  · 

        I really would like to have this function. Maybe start by adding links to Dropbox, Google Drive, or shortcut to pictures or document on the Phone.

      • G.TRIVAL commented  · 

        It has to be. It's very useful and productive and it would improve the app.

        Special case with Galaxy Note 2 S-note files that would be great to had to an event

      • Jonkad commented  · 

        Having an attachment capability would be a great addition (ala Evernote, but they don't have a calendar option). I have the various cloud options, wonder if you would include Skydrive as well? Thanks for creating a great app....

      • Car054 commented  · 

        It would be fantastic if images (and other media files, e.g. video & sound) could be added to calendar entries e.g. as an option in the Description box.
        Is that possible?

      • Admincalengoo (Softwaredeveloper, CalenGoo for Android) commented  · 

        @Flyswadder: Unfortunately it is currently impossible to access those attached files, please see here:



        So until Google has added the necessary functions, another way to attach files, maybe by using a link to a Dropbox URL, will be implemented.

      • Flyswadder commented  · 

        Google has a Lab called Google Docs that we use to attach documents to our events that require documentation. Our technicians then can retrieve whatever documents they need from anywhere at anytime they have a PC and an internet connection simply by accessing them from within the event on the calendar. Currently, when using an Android device, we have to reference the calendar event to get the document info and then use Google Docs Mobile to search for the document outside of the calendar. Our priority is to discover a calender app that can utilize both the Google Calendar and Google Docs in a similar fashion as the web version of Google calendar (and perhaps scalability to include other Google Labs). This way we can access our documents from within the calendar and do it with either a Wifi or 3/4G service.

      • Carsten Müller commented  · 

        Das wäre klasse, s. meine Mail

        gibt es die Möglichkeit, eine beliebige Datei an einen Termin oder eine
        > Aufgaben anzuhängen, bzw. mit einem Termin oder einer Aufgabe über einen
        > Link zu verknüpfen? Finde diese Funktion ganz nützlich, da man damit bei
        > Terminen und Aufgaben dazugehörige Dateien immer schnell findet und "dabei"
        > hat. Die Synchronisation mit google Terminen und Aufgaben läßt das
        > wahrscheinlich nicht zu, aber mir reicht es auch, wenn ich in Calengoo diese
        > Anhänge habe.

      • Mads Kristiansen commented  · 

        Would it be possible to make a link in the event, to a picture on the phone.

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